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Tourist information

Information on sightseeing spots and events in the area recommended by Yorozuya.

Yorozuya staff will introduce recommended spots in Hita city.
Of course, Hita is a hot spring, but there are many spots where you can enjoy nature and history.
We will also introduce some hidden spots that are not included in pamphlets and guidebooks.

Tourist information list

  • Wearing a yukata and strolling around Hita

    • Please choose your favorite one from abundant patterns.

      Yukata that is free to dress and rent.
      Take a walk around the city of Hita wearing your favorite yukata.

    • Free lending & dressing to women

      We offer a free yukata rental service.
      Please use it.(Only for hotel guests)
  • Staff recommended spots

    • Kizan Park

      The water surface reflects the shadows of the deep green mountains with thick trees.
      In the early morning of the cold season, haze rises from the surface of the river, and on sunny days it is covered with fog.
      Meet the fantastic scenery of the day.
      There is also Hinokuma Shrine top, which is famous for its prosperous business and child treasure.
      There is also an inyo stone under the shrine.
      Bunroku 3rd year of Bunroku (1594), Chojiro Miyagi, a deputy officer, built a castle here.
    • Ishizaka Ishidatami

      This Ishizaka is an important road that goes back and forth between Hita Nakatsu in the old days.
      It was used by many people.However, it was difficult to pass through because of rocks and stones.
      Kaei 1850, I asked a mason of Suo to make the road easy to pass.
      It ’s a very fantastic and wonderful place, so even now
      There are many people who are walking as a wonderful walking course.
    • Yasaka Shrine Murakumo no Matsu (pine tree)

      It became a Hita City-Designated Natural Treasure by Hita City-Designated Natural Treasure in June 1972.
      It is said that the tree is over 300 years old, and the maximum circumference of the trunk is about 2 m, crawling from the middle to the right and left.
      The total length of both is about 35m.
      The appearance of that one pine going around the shrine halfway is like
      It creates an atmosphere like a dragon protecting the shrine.
  • Cruising on a houseboat

    Hita houseboat, a tradition that colors Hita's summer.
    The houseboat, which boasts a tradition of 400 years, is on a scale that is on a par with the Nagara River in Japan.
    It has been a tradition of Hita since ancient times.
    • Houseboat

      The houseboat that reminds us of Hita's elegant boating, which prospered as a heavenly territory under the direct control of the Shogunate, is a specialty of Hita.
      Love the cherry blossoms in Kizan Park the spring and enjoy the refreshing river breeze in the summer
      In the fall, you can see the autumn leaves of Hita, and in the winter, you can see the silver snow-viewing boat.
      The fantastic lanterns swaying on the surface of the river further deepen the atmosphere of the trip.

      You can enjoy the night view of Hita and the food!
      The Mikuma River River, where the Mikuma River floats, is full of taste.
      In the summer, such as dinner plan at the houseboat, we offer a variety of plan
    • Fireworks Festival

      May when the sweetfish of Mikuma River River is lifted.
      The biggest event is held every Saturday and Sunday after May 20th. "Hita Kawabiraki Kanko Matsuri (festival)"
      On both days of the festival, about 10,000 fireworks were launched on the Mikuma River.
      Large fireworks illuminate the night sky of Hita in early summer.
    • Ukai (cormorant fishing)

      Hita's cormorant fishing, which boasts a history of about 400 years,
      A classical fishing method that utilizes the habit of cormorants to catch fish in the water.
      It has also been designated as an important intangible cultural property of Oita Prefecture.
      The cormorant and the cormorant show a splendid breathing technique, and the flame of a bonfire emerges in the darkness.
      The sight that you can see so much that you forget the time is very mysterious.
      It is an unforgettable memory of the trip.
  • Feel the history

    • Kuncho Brewery Museum

      Edo Period a sake brewery built in the Edo Period,
      A sake brewery museum where you can learn about the history and manufacturing method of sake.
    • Nippongwan Kan

      A panacea called "Nippongwan" at an old drugstore from the 2nd year of Ansei
      Manufactured from 1887 to the 1965s.
    • Ontayaki no Sato

      A roasted village with 10 kilns lined up.
      100 Selections of Soundscape in Japan you want to keep the sound played by the Dhenki.
      Ichiko Soden, craftsmanship pottery
      It is designated as an important intangible cultural property of the country.
    • Kusanohonke

      Nationally Designated Important Tangible Cultural Properties.
      The oldest merchant house in the prefecture.The Hina dolls here are a must-see.
  • Enjoy with friends, couples and family

    • Ayu Yanaba

      Enjoy sweetfish dishes while looking at the Mikuma River River.
    • Fureai Rental Cycle

      Hita convenient tool for sightseeing in Hita city. "Fureai Rental Cycle"
      Easy for those who are not confident in their physical strength! (Reservation required)
    • Gion Shudan Kaomise

      Hita Gion Festival is
      Saturday and Sunday after July 20th,
      The group face-to-face meeting will be held on Thursday before the Gion Festival.