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Make the most of seasonal ingredients.Make the most of local ingredients.Enjoy the kaiseki cuisine of Yorozuya Passion.

List of dishes

  • Seasonal Kaiseki cuisine(One case)

    Recommended by the chief chef.We offer a variety of seasonal kaiseki meals.
    Enjoy seasonal ingredients in your room.
  • Crab pot plan(One case)

  • Bungo beef sukiyaki(One case)

    Please enjoy the hot sukiyaki.
  • Kaiseki cuisine for Buddhist affairs(One case)

  • Bungo Beef Steak(One case)

    Bungo beef steak is included as a main dish in addition to seasonal kaiseki cuisine that incorporates seasonal ingredients.
    Enjoy the juicy Bungo Beef Steak.
  • Bungo Beef shabu-shabu(One case)

    Healthy and mellow delicious!
    Please enjoy it in your room.
  • Children's food(One case)

  • Breakfast(An example of a Japanese set meal)

Ingredient list

  • Hot pot

  • Crab dishes

  • Seasonal sashimi

  • Beef porcelain plate